Are you a proactive person with your health? Always looking for the optimal diet or exercise routine? Do you read magazines trying to find out about the latest supplement to improve your health. Instead of reading about a supplement or diet for the masses its time to individualize YOUR NEEDS! We are working with labs now like Enterolab, Metametrix, Diagnostechs, and Genova. We can find out what classes of foods creates inflammation in YOUR body. Are your adrenals in a normal circadian rhythm or is your cortisol high at night and low in the morning leaving you fatigued on waking and sleepless at night? A healthy gastrointestinal system has 5 lbs of bacteria. If you have the right species of bacteria they digest your food giving you lots of vitamins and protection against yeast ,parasites and other unwanted fungi.Antibiotics, birth control, and commercially raised animal products will alter your natural flora leading to unwanted species living inside you. Metametrix complete digestive analysis will allow us to have a window into your gastrointestinal functioning and find out whats living in you!