We’ve got a needle for that!

Acupuncture, like many natural healing modalities, has many styles under its umbrella. I will talk about the three styles I use in my office.

1.Battlefield Acupuncture

2. Dry Needling.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  1. Battlefield acupuncture was developed by Dr Richard Niemtzow M.D. who wanted a quick treatment for soldiers in pain on the battlefield. He wanted a style that had no side effects  and had rapid results. He went to France to study the ASP needle. This is a totally different type of needle than traditionally used. It is designed to be put in the ear where it can last from several days to several weeks continuing its pain relieving qualities. One can continue all activities including working out as the needle has a flat edge and doesn’t protrude. I use this when the pain is so severe that the patient can’t lie down or get on my chiropractic table to get any type of manual therapy. It is based on a French style of Acupuncture that feels the ear is a “fuse” that is triggered with severe pain. There are three major nerves connecting the ear to the brain which is why it is so effective. The inner part of the ear is the only place the Vagus nerve has a branch that touches the skin. The vagus controls all the internal organs such as heart and digestion.
  2. Dry Needling has its origins with Dr Ma, a second generation MD/acupuncturist who focuses on pain. He has tried to identify the 50 most important points for pain control. He has correlated the acupuncture points with modern trigger points and nerve centers. Due to the nature of my practice and its focus on pain, this is the most common style of acupuncture that I use. It is essentially painless. The needles we use are thin as a hair. Occasionally we will attach wires to the needles and use a gentle electrical stimulation to the needles.

No needles? No problem!

We understand some adults, and most kids aren't keen on needles. We also have two needle free options! 

  1. Auriculotherapy uses a little electrical stimulation device that is used only on the ear! 
  2. Red and blue lasers can be used to stimulate or calm a point as well. 


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