Traction / Decompression

If you suffer with low back or neck pain, your spine may need spinal traction/decompression to relieve the pressure that a bulging disc may put on the sciatic or brachial plexus. Spinal traction/decompression is a safe, effective, and economical way of reducing the pain by creating motion deep into the spinal tissues and reducing the inflammation and muscle spasms involved with low back and neck pain.

Due to the negative effects of gravity pushing down on the discs of the spine, spinal traction/decompression reverses that effect by pulling the spine in the opposite direction. Without this relief from gravity, the discs in the spine lose their fluids and dry out. As the discs dry, the spine becomes stiff and arthritis settles in. This dilemma is a serious cause of chronic back and neck pain. Whether suffering from arthritis or not, our traction tables can help relieve those already in pain and can help prevent future encounters with chronic pain.

Our clinic provides the patient with two unique traction tables:

3D Active Trac by the Saunders Group (click)


The 3D Active Trac is extremely versatile because it allows for specific treatment of the neck and low back by being able to automatically shift and move accordingly to fit the patient's needs for comfort.

Pettibon Spinal Regeneration Table (click)


The Pettibon Spinal Regeneration table is designed specifically for neck complaints by enabling a vibration that is transmitted from the table to the body allowing the muscle spasms to relax and the discs to become rehydrated.


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