All of our doctors have extensive experience with nutritional counseling and examining blood work from a functional standpoint. If you do not have blood work already we have the capability to order it, often times at a much more affordable rate than your primary doctor. We generally order most of our blood work privately, unless you have met your deductible. 
     If you are interested in discussing nutrition with one of the doctors we offer nutritional consults at a separate rate than adjustments. All nutritional consults are private pay. These appointments can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour based on the complexity of your case. For maximal effectiveness we ask that you book a week ahead of time so that we can give you a 7 day diet questionnaire and acquire any current blood work you have. You can use this printable-food-journal.pdf if you like. If you are curious and need more information, please call our office and our staff will assist you. 



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