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We take great pride in being a multigenerational clinic with over four decades of commitment to excellence!

Specializing in holistic healthcare, our family practice offers a comprehensive range of services including Chiropractic care, rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, metabolic and nutrition counseling, and decompression. At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that true health emanates from within, and by removing interference, the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself.

Whether you seek relief from an accident, injury, or specific conditions such as chronic back pain or disc degeneration, or simply wish to enhance your overall wellness, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. Discover firsthand the experiences of our patients by visiting our testimonials page.

During your initial visit to The Frank Clinic of Chiropractic & Natural Health Care, our doctors will conduct a thorough assessment of your medical history and perform a comprehensive examination to determine the most suitable treatments for you. If we can assist you, we will tailor a personalized care plan to address your condition and health objectives.

In our practice, we are committed to delivering exceptional patient care and promoting patient education. Our expertise extends to addressing a variety of issues including neck and back pain, headaches, sports injuries, sciatica, and herniated discs, among others. The benefits of chiropractic care extend as far as the nervous system itself!

Additionally, we offer individualized nutritional counseling and maintain a fully stocked store of professional nutritional products.

Yours in health,

Dr. Celeste Frank Holstein, D.C., Dr. Ashley Fernandez, D.C., and Dr. Justin Tello, D.C.


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  • Dr. Mark Frank D.C.
    Founder of Frank Clinic of Chiropractic. Retired after 42 years of service!

    Dr. Mark Frank established our clinic in 1981, pioneering a legacy of excellence. With a focus on traditional and light touch Chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, and nutrition, he became renowned as one of only three doctors in Florida practicing NeuroCranial Restructuring. This specialized adjusting procedure targets the bones of the skull, offering relief for chronic headaches, concussions, sinus issues, and TMJ disorders.

    After dedicating 41 years to his practice, Dr. Frank made the decision to retire and savor the comforts of his North Carolina home. Passing the torch to his daughter, Dr. Celeste Holstein, he entrusted her with continuing the clinic's tradition of compassionate care and innovation.

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  • Dr. Celeste Frank-Holstein D.C.

    Dr. Celeste Frank-Holstein graduated in 2010 with honors as the Valedictorian of Life University's College of Chiropractic. Dr. Holstein is skilled in many different chiropractic techniques so that she can address any patient's needs. She practices traditional Full Spine adjusting as well as Thompson Drop for patients that prefer (and can tolerate) manual adjusting. She is also proficient in Activator Technique which uses a gentle yet effective instrument to adjust the body with very low force. She also practices Cox Flexion Distraction for patients with disc herniations, stenosis, and even fusions. She acquired her Acupuncture certification in 2021, and added dry needling in 2022. She is Advanced Webster certified for pregnancy care.    

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  • Dr
    Ashley Fernandez

    Dr Fernandez is a veteran of the United States Air Force. After serving this country she pursued a career in corporate America. She advanced through the ranks by taking her profession seriously but spent many sleepless days and nights trying to figure out how she could get back to her roots of helping others. She knew that there were many people facing serious health conditions without answers from the traditional system.  After living with Celiac disease for the majority of her life and being misdiagnosed she knew how difficult every day life was when living with illness. To prevent others from the frustration of misdiagnosis and constant health struggles she decided to take on the challenging path of becoming a Doctor to help others get answers they deserve. She has undergone additional training through the DABCI ( Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Internists ) program to bring functional medicine to the public.


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